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Helping your business to achieve significant growth

Frustrated by slow business growth?

There are many ways to scale a business, you only have to read the inspirational real business stories from tombola and Tharsus to realise that. From building your finances to expanding your organisational capacity, selling more products or services and breaking into new markets, our toolkit is here to help you become one of the fastest growing companies in the North East.   

Start off by taking our quiz to find out if you're ready to scale up. Then find out more about the newly launched Scaleup North East programme and explore our Business Support and Finance & Funding options using the grid below. 

Are you ready to scale up?

700 North East businesses scaled up in the last year. Could you be joining them this year?

Find out with our interactive quiz!

1. How achievable were your business goals for the past year?

2. How many business opportunities have you turned down in the last 3 months?

3. How confident are you in the skills and competence of your employees?

4. Could your current infrastructure cope with any increase in business?

Your results

It seems your business may need a little more time before considering scaling up.

Visit our Business Support page to access a range of support providers and resources to help your business needs to grow.

You look like you’re on the right path to scaling - our Scaleup Programme could be the one for you!

Keep scrolling to view our Scaleup resources, or visit Scaleup North East to register your interest for this programme.

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