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Frustrated by slow business growth?

There are many ways to scale a business, you only have to read the inspirational real business stories from tombola and Tharsus to realise that. From building your finances to expanding your organisational capacity, selling more products or services and breaking into new markets, our toolkit is here to help you become one of the fastest growing companies in the North East.   

Start off by taking our quiz to find out if you're ready to scale up. Then find out more about the newly launched Scaleup North East programme and explore our Business Support and Finance & Funding options using the grid below. 

Are you ready to scale up?

There are currently over 700 North East scaling businesses and more each week starting their scaling journey. Could you be joining them this year?

Find out with our interactive quiz!

1. How has your turnover grown in the last 3 years?

2. How do you see the business expanding in the next 18 months?

3. How is the business currently managed?

4. How do you currently access support and advice to help grow the business?

Your results

You may not be ready to scaleup just yet, but why not register on a 2 day Pre-Scale Bootcamp to find out more and meet some like minded business leaders.

Scaleup Events

You may be ready for a scaleup programme, if you attend a Should I scale or should I grow morning seminar.

Scaleup Events

Sounds like you are ambitious, growing, have a focus on targets and could very much be ready to scaleup. Why not register for a Should I scale or should I grow session to find out what's involved.

Scaleup Events

Definitely on a growth trajectory, you will no doubt benefit from a scaling programme, why not register your interest for the Growth for Mentoring Programme.

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Yep you are scaleup ready, jump straight into the Scaleup North East programme by registering your interest.


Sounds like you may be ready for a scaleup programme, why not register for a Should I scale or should I grow session to find out what's involved.

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