Use the resources below to help your business plan, adapt and enhance operations

North East COVID-19 Toolkit

This toolkit provides employers and businesses with advice on:

  • local business support, and finance and funding
  • government financial support for businesses impacted by COVID-19
  • working safely during the pandemic
  • supporting the vaccination programme.
  • how to stay safe and help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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Toolkits have been designed to house useful resources, downloads, insights and videos on important themes and topical issues faced by SMEs.

Digital Adoption Toolkit

Digital Adoption Toolkit

The coronavirus has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies as business adapt to a new way of working.
  • Understand how digital adoption can benefit your business
  • Access regional and national support
  • Find our how to future proof your business using digital technology
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Employ an Apprentice

Employ an Apprentice

This is a difficult time for apprentices, employers and providers of apprenticeship training. Find the latest advice and guidance:
  • Government’s COVID-19 apprenticeship response
  • Official guidance for apprentices, employers and training providers
  • How to record a break in learning
Visit the employ an apprentice toolkit
EU Transition Toolkit

EU Transition Toolkit

Following the signing of the UK – EU Free Trade Agreement, there are new rules for business.
  • Find out how to keep your business moving
  • Access free, one-to-one support from Growth Hub Connect
  • See what business support and finance and funding is available for your company.
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Mentoring Toolkit

Mentoring Toolkit

Practical guides and support on finding and establishing a relationship for mentees and mentors. Finding the right mentor can have…
  • Increased productivity and positive impact on profits
  • Double the lifespan of non-mentored business
  • Support and advice for business growth
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Scaleup Toolkit

Scaleup Toolkit

Dedicated resources for ambitious high-growth business owners looking to grow and sustainably. Explore the…
  • Expanding your organisational capacity
  • Growing your workforce
  • Breaking into new markets
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