Skills, Productivity and the Ageing Workforce Toolkit

Retain, Retrain and, Recruit the talent of the region’s older workforce

What is Skills, Productivity and the Ageing Workforce?

As the workforce ages, employers are increasingly looking to retain the valuable skills of their older workers. With many people leaving the workforce before they reach State Pension age, it’s important for employers to offer opportunities, such as retraining and flexible working, to keep them.

Fewer younger people entering the workforce and training, means an increasing reliance on retaining and recruitment of older people.

Once in work, older workers may require retraining to ensure their skills are up to date and to help them adapt to any changes in the work environment.

Employers recognised for best practice understand the business case for a mixed-age workforce. They know the age of their workforce, talk to their workers to identify issues and introduce interventions to help retain, retrain and recruit older workers.


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