UK Crowdfunding Association

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The UK Crowdfunding Assocation represents the diverse and vibrant crowdfunding industry and gives our members a collective voice across government, media, regulators, and most importantly, to the general public.

Our members provide the platforms necessary to bring investors and fundraisers together across many industries, providing choice in this ever expanding marketplace.

Whether donating or investing, crowdfunding puts people in control of their money and how it is used to affect the world around them, whether for financial return or out of a desire to make a difference for the wider good.

Below is a brief overview of each of the different types of crowdfunding option available:

  • Donation / Reward Crowdfunding
  • Debt Crowdfunding
  • Equity Crowdfunding

Becoming a member

Crowdfunding platforms that become members of the UKCFA pay an annual fee which helps to cover the costs of promotional and lobbying activities. Members benefit from cooperation with other platforms, statutory rights to call and attend members’ meetings and can appoint and dismiss directors.

Supporters can also become members. Supporter membership is open to individuals, businesses and other organisations who are actively engaged in the sector and can contribute to UKCFA objectives. Supporters will be given the opportunity to collaborate on policy, participate in debates, and receive priority access to conferences and events.

Membership is priced according to the size of platform by total amount raised, while supporter membership is priced according to the size of the business.

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