CRACK IT challenge-based funding

Delivered by NC3Rs

CRACK IT is the NC3Rs response to the changing environment in the biosciences. The aim is to accelerate the availability of technologies which will deliver:

  • measurable 3Rs impacts
  • new marketable products
  • more efficient business processes

This challenge-led competition funds collaborations between industry, academics and SMEs to solve business and scientific ‘Challenges’ involves two phase challenges nad singe phase challenges.

Two Phase Challenges

This is a two phase application process. Phase 1 supports proof-of-concept studies for up to six months, with proposals assessed by a Review Panel. At the end of Phase 1, the Challenge Panel recommends which project to support in Phase 2 to address the full Challenge requirements. Entry into Phase 2 is dependent on successful completion of Phase 1.

Single Phase Challenges

Proposals for Single Phase Challenges describe plans for addressing the key deliverables detailed in the Challenge brief. This includes an assessment by a Virtual Review Panel with the most promising proposals invited to a ‘Dragons’ Den’ style interview by the Challenge Panel.


The competition is open to any UK or European Union (EU) body, public or private. Applications can be from single organisations or investigators or from consortia. The lead applicant must be UK or EU based.

Applicants from the same organisation(s) as the Sponsors are not eligible to apply.

Applicants may already hold a grant or contract from the NC3Rs or other funding bodies for research related to the topic for which new funds are being sought. In such instances, details of all relevant research funding, including that from industry, should be included in the application.

Apply online

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