Community Led Local Development (CLLD)

Delivered by Durham County Council

The CLLD Funding Programme aims to increase employment and skills, social enterprise and social inclusion addressing the following four priority themes:

Enhancing Economic Inclusion

  • Supporting initiatives focusing on those people who are the furthest from the labour market helping them to get back into employment

Developing Growth and Enterprise

  • Supporting small and medium size enterprises to grow and develop in areas such as business planning, investigating new markets, increasing productivity and growth

Stimulating Entrepreneurialism

  • Promoting a more entrepreneurial culture and self-employment, encouraging and educating people on the benefits of starting their own business

Enterprising Spaces

  • Developing or renovating underutilised space to use as a business space

If you have a project idea and you want to check you are eligible for funding assistance through the CLLD Programme please telephone us or visit our website for further details

Please contact us on the following contacts:

North: 0738 424 7356

South: 07384247365

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