Business Loans

Delivered by UK Steel Enterprise

From £35k to £1m, finance from UK Steel Enterprise (UKSE) can help you realise your business’s potential.

Working with UKSE gives you more than just finance. Benefit from the support and knowledge of people who have been there before. They’ve worked with companies in your position and your area, so know what it takes to get a business growing.

How do UKSE work?

  • All investments are flexible, put together just for your business. Whatever you need.
  • They always work in steel communities, so know them inside out. Their local teams are passionate about your area and your future.
  • They only buy minority stakes and never try to run your company.

Finance available

Equity finance

  • Up to £1million
  • Personal guarantees rarely needed
  • With you every step of the way
  • You stay in control
  • Flexible about an exit


  • Unsecured funding up to £100k
  • Fixed interest rates, always
  • Affordable repayments
  • Personal guarantees rarely needed
  • Secured loans available
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