BREEZ – Business Renewables Energy Efficiency Sunderland

Delivered by Sunderland City Council

Sunderland City Council offers eligible SMEs a flexible approach to cutting their energy bills and their carbon emissions:

Free Initial Assessment – SME eligibility check, open discussion and walk around survey to identify key objectives.

Fully-Funded Energy Audit or Energy Savings Opportunities Report – the initial assessment determines if a full Energy Audit or an Energy Savings Opportunities Report is required. Both routes provide SMEs with a useful decision making tool and reference document setting out recommended energy-saving measures, indicative upfront costs and the return of investment period from the reduction in energy bills.

50% Grants – SMEs may also qualify for 50% grant funding towards the cost of installing an energy efficiency upgrade that has been recommended in a BREEZ Energy Audit. Typically the scheme offers funding towards microgeneration (e.g. Photovoltaics), Insulation, low-carbon heating upgrades and LED lighting. Grant support for upgrading business process equipment is also available.

The minimum grant payable is £1000 for a £2000 project. The average grant amount for a typical SME is between £2000 and £8000. The maximum grant is £25,000 for projects that meet significant, pre-agreed carbon reduction requirements

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