PNE Startup & Business Support

Delivered by PNE Enterprise

The PNE Enterprise team offer business support and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses within the region, providing confidential advice, training courses and workshops, mentoring schemes and access to funding advice. To date they have supported over 10,000 businesses to start-up.

Start-up support

Supporting over 11,500 businesses to start-up, the award-winning PNE Enterprise team can support you to pursue your ambition of starting a business with a range of options to suit your experience, learning style and availability.

1-2-1 advice & mentoring

Whether you’re starting up a new venture or wanting to get advice on a potential business idea, their experienced advisors can provide you with support and guidance to develop your start-up and grow your knowledge and skills.

Training & masterclasses

They deliver workshops, courses and masterclasses on a range of topics that can help you develop your business skills and knowledge as you pursue starting a business.

Access to finance

They can help you understand your options when it comes to securing the funds required to start a business, as well as supporting you to prepare for and pursue applications for finance.

Business start-up resources

From business plans to cash flow forecast templates, they offer a range of tools and resources to help you develop your new venture.

Newcastle Impact Incubator

From founders passionate about climate action, to those making a difference in their communities, the 2021 Newcastle Impact Incubator cohort are part on the next generation of businesses pairing purpose with profit.

Business support

Their award-winning business support team provide expert services to established businesses and the people who lead them. From growth and hiring ambitions to overcoming challenges, they are here to help you and your business thrive.

1-2-1 advice & mentoring

Our experienced business advisors can provide you with expert guidance. Supporting you to pursue goals for your business and overcome challenges, we are here when you need us most – whatever stage your business is at.

Training & masterclasses

They deliver workshops, masterclasses, events and qualifications on a range of topics that can help you develop your business skills and knowledge and your business to thrive and grow.

Leadership coaching

THey offer professional coaching services to individuals and organisations that help them to accelerate performance, overcome challenges and work towards goals.

Management & leadership qualifications

Strong leadership is at the heart of successful business. Whether you want to up skill your managers or develop your own knowledge, their Management and Leadership qualifications can help.

Custom facilitation

From team-building to problem-solving, PNE can develop learning and development activities for your organisation, designed to help you build the skills of your staff, plan for success and overcome challenges.

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