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As well as providing free, impartial and personalised careers advice to help people make informed choices to find training or progress in their roles, National Careers Service can also support employers to support staff progressing their career journeys.


National Careers Service can help businesses with:

  • Recruitment: National Careers Service can work alongside employers to create bespoke workshops to support filling vacancies with suitable candidates. Supporting one to one or larger scale recruitment requirements, running tailored group workshops with prospective employees. These workshops include advice and guidance on how to locate vacancies, how to apply, the specifications, an insight into the different roles and understanding how to identify transferable skills.
  • Re-skilling: National Careers Service is delivered by professional Careers Advisers qualified to a minimum NVQ level 4 in Information, Advice and Guidance. Resources available to support their free and impartial guidance include access to the latest labour market information and jobs and learning options that can support employers or individuals to identify relevant reskilling options.
  • One to one support for employees who are interested in reskilling or who are facing redundancy: Careers Advisers provide signposting to the most relevant training or learning available, identify any funding available and provide the latest relevant job vacancies. The service can support large, small or individual redundancies.

How it works

The service works with individuals and employers delivering information advice and guidance, creating tailored action plans focusing on skills, learning and job goals:

  • Recruitment:
    National Career Service work alongside employers to develop sector specific workshops to support the attraction of potential candidates, equipping them with the relevant information to make informed decisions.  The content can be tailored to support the aims of the employer and support the potential candidates; this would usually be an understanding of the vacancies, employer, sector, labour market information and support candidates applying for the vacancies.
  • Reskilling:
    – Workshops: A range of group workshops can be delivered digitally to your employees, including workshops on identifying transferable skills and improving specific skills.
    – One-to-one support: National Careers Service can offer each employee an appointment with a qualified careers adviser to help them review their existing skills and strengths and identify ways they can improve these.
  • Redundancy:
    National Careers Service have a proven track record supporting small, medium and large-scale redundancies.  Careers Advisers working on the National Careers Service are fully equipped with the latest labour market information, funding learning, and job vacancies available to support workforces or individuals facing redundancy to make informed decisions about moving forward with their career journey.

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