Experts in Residence

Delivered by Business & IP Centre

The Business & IP Centre’s ‘Experts in Residence’ offer businesses and pre-starts the opportunity for free one to one appointments to discuss a wide range of business topics, ranging from finance and funding, selling online, social media, marketing and communication, intellectual property and law and many more.

What support can you get?

Through the Experts in Residence, you can receive information and guidance about:

  • Intellectual property: how do patents, trademarks, registered designs and copyright affect businesses, and how can you use them more effectively?
  • Start-up business advice: get one to one advice from an expert; attend skill-building workshops and learn where to get funds for your business
  • Business support: get one to one support from marketing and branding advisers, chartered accountants, and other Experts in Residence; attend training workshops and events; network with other business owners
  • Business databases: get market research and trends, company data, and business news from online databases like COBRA, Key Note and Avention.
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