Bridging the gap between business and education

Delivered by North East Ambition

By working with schools and colleges in the North East, your business can create strong links with the next generation of employees.

Your input can help young people to understand the opportunities open to them in the future, and help schools and colleges to shape careers education, equipping learners with the skills they will need in the workplace.

Find out more about how skills and employability are key to bringing more and better jobs to the North East, in the North East Strategic Economic Plan.

How can businesses work with schools and colleges?

There are a variety of ways businesses can work with schools and colleges, from primary through to further and higher education. We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. With this in mind, we can offer any of the opportunities below as virtual.

Enterprise Adviser Network

The Enterprise Adviser Network is a national initiative which partners business leaders with a local school or college, bridging the gap between education and employment and working strategically to embed quality careers guidance which prepares young people for the world of work.

We have already matched more than 100 business leaders with schools and colleges in the North East. Click here for our Enterprise Adviser information leaflet.

Shared Learning Project

Help us to grow and retain talent in the North East, and give young people a better understanding of the opportunities available to them in the region.

Your business could take part in a region-wide project working with further and higher education students, challenging them to think more widely about skills and employment opportunities in their area. Find out more here.

Project Based Learning

North East businesses are working with schools to help bring learning to life through real-world projects. Could you help devise a project for learners in the North East? Find out more here.

Enterprise activities

From careers fairs to mock interviews, there are multiple opportunities for your business to support schools and colleges in the North East with their careers provision. Find out more here.

Experience of the workplace

Providing students with workplace experience helps to raise aspirations and prepare young people for the world of work. Placements can be tailored to the needs of your business. Could you offer experience of the workplace to learners in the North East? Find out more here.

Teacher Externships

Find out how you can help teachers to enhance their curriculum by providing a teacher externship – a unique opportunity for teachers to explore different industries first-hand. Find out more here.

STEM Ambassador Network

Become a STEM Ambassador and help students and teachers understand pathways into STEM careers. This could include a STEM Insight Programme which is a short teacher placement with your business. Find out more here.

Become a school governor

Supporting school governance is a great way for your organisation to build strong links with its local communities. Take advantage of this free workforce development opportunity, by encouraging your staff to serve as school governors. This is a win-win scenario. Your employees gain valuable professional skills that they bring back to the workplace and local schools benefit from the highly sought-after experience that volunteers from outside education bring to the table. For more information watch this short video.


Visit out Apprenticeship Toolkit and T Level Toolkit for more information about how your business could benefit from getting involved. 

Next steps

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