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Infographic: 10 business plan mistakes to avoid

Transmit Group

Created by Transmit Group, 5th June 2017


When you start a business, there are 1,001 things on your to-do list. At this point, you’re not quite sure if you’re good at multitasking, or bad at concentrating…So where does making a business plan come on your to-do list? If the answer is ‘somewhere near the bottom’, then making it a priority is a good idea. So if you are thinking that now is the time to make time to put together a business plan, here are 10 mistakes we see people make all the time with their business plans – so be sure to avoid them!

Transmit Start-Ups help entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground – providing support through both mentoring and funding. They can work with loan applicants to ensure that they have a solid business plan in place – either already or by helping them craft one with the help of a dedicated mentor. 

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Transmit Group

Created by Transmit Group, 3 years ago, [last edited 2 years ago]

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