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Immigration salary thresholds and a points-based system

Created 24th October 2019

Call for evidence: how could immigration salary thresholds and an Australian points-based system work in the UK?

In June 2019 the Government commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to carry out an in-depth analysis of potential future salary thresholds and the range at which they could be set. They also asked the MAC to consider how an Australian-style points based immigration system could work in the UK.

Salary thresholds currently form a key element of the UK’s immigration policy, but a points system would be a significant change to how the UK decides if someone can live and work here.

The initial phase of this work is a call for evidence where the MAC would like to hear from a range of  interested parties from all parts of the UK including: businesses, employers, recruiters, trade unions, academics, think tanks, representative bodies and Government departments via the forms on their website.

The call for evidence closes on 5th November 2019, at which point the MAC will analyse the information in a structured and methodological way, assessing all information using the same criteria and report back to Government in January 2020.

Please visit the consultation website for further information and to submit evidence.


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