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Doing business with the public sector

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Created by North East Ambition, 3rd April 2017


Finding and winning work in the public sector needs planning and organisation. There’s a wealth of information that’s freely and readily available in the public domain for your business, if you know how to use it.

Nationally and internationally, large value contracts must be publicised using OJEU - the Official Journal of the European Union. This register contains all live business opportunities, but it also contains notices of contract awards and contract durations.

So if you see an opportunity you might want to bid for in the future, you can see when the contract will expire and calculate when they are likely to begin their procurement process, based on the duration of the last procurement.

Regionally and locally, the North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) Contracts Register holds information that could help you grow your business, with opportunities which are of a lower value than those listed on OJEU.


NEPO publishes information on current and upcoming tendering opportunities so that suppliers can prepare for, and engage in, procurement activity. If you register on the site, you can build a profile of your skills and suitable opportunities are sent directly to you.

Business intelligence:

NEPO has a Contracts Register database, which can be used to help you understand buying patterns in the public sector. They also have an Overview of Public Sector Procurement which is a directory of public sector organisations in the region, with information on how each organisation advertises tendering opportunities.

The NEPO Contracts Register holds:

  • the details of suppliers delivering frameworks or contracts to NEPO and the 11 local authorities in the region
  • the value of the contract
  • who procured it
  • when it will expire.

You can filter the database to find out the same information for other e-tendering systems throughout the UK; many local authorities have similar arrangements and platforms which feed this register.

Whilst the data itself is in a raw format, the register can be exported to a spreadsheet format easily to allow you to search and interrogate it more easily.

So if you are interested in developing your business to win tenders, looking for sub-contracting opportunities in the supply chain, or want to build a pipeline of when tenders will be expiring so you can plan your resources and bid to win... take a look. 

Click here to view the NEPO Contracts Register.

<a href='' target='_blank'>North East Ambition</a>

Created by North East Ambition, 3 years ago, [last edited 2 years ago]

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