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The benefits of a sustainable supply chain

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Created by North East Ambition, 21st March 2017


The benefits of a sustainable supply chain

There are many factors businesses must consider when putting work out to tender but is sustainability one of them? Often referred to as managing the triple bottom line - profits, people and planet – sustainability should be a key concern for all business operations.

It is well-known that ‘sustainable business’ can equate to ‘profitable business’ but sustainability doesn’t necessarily end with internal operations and their direct impacts.

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly recognising the value of promoting sustainability in their supply chains and are reaping the benefits from the results.

How could a sustainable supply chain benefit your business?


If you’ve worked hard to build an ethical business and have invested in sustainability, you don’t want to be let down by issues in your supply chain.

Ensuring you have fair and decent suppliers that focus on people and the planet as well as their profits will not only prove to make good business sense but it will also enhance your reputation as a sustainable company.


Thinking sustainably can drive down costs. By working alongside likeminded businesses who are committed to considering the environmental and employment impact of their business in addition to their own finances, you could see your business reduce its expenditure from implementing a sustainable supply chain.


When considering sustainability as the ‘triple bottom line’ of profits, people and planet, it’s also important to take into account the ‘people’ aspect. Pay attention to ethical employment practices when establishing your supply chain – especially when working with companies you aren’t too familiar with.

Environmental benefits

Is your supply chain environmentally friendly? You’d be surprised just what benefits working with environmentally friendly businesses could bring to your company.

Whether it’s using recycled materials whenever possible or cutting down on emissions – there are many ways you and your suppliers can help become more environmentally friendly.

It’s not only good for business, it’s good for the planet.


Establishing a sustainable supply chain could also help your company become more innovative in terms of the products and services you offer.

Working with sustainable suppliers can uncover opportunities for your business to develop new sustainable products and services, providing potentially lucrative business opportunities.

Interested in finding out more? See what support is out there for businesses looking to become more sustainable…

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