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3 ways to keep collaboration strong as your company exp

Leanne Miller

Created by Leanne Miller, 8th March 2017


Growth is a good thing. But it can make working together more challenging – and not just because there are more names to remember at the company Christmas party. As teams get larger, even simple tasks like scheduling meetings, finalising documents and finding the right experts get more complicated. What’s more, people are now working from more locations than ever before, whether it’s an employee working from home or a vendor on the other side of the world.

Today, technology makes it easy for organisations of any size to maximise the power of teamwork through increased communication and collaboration, no matter where individual team members are. Here are three ways you can collaborate with team members with a little help from Office 365:

  1. Visualise: When everyone’s in the same room, it’s easy to contribute because all participants can see what’s going on. As meetings start to include more remote team collaborators, communication technology can preserve that face-to-face productivity. Office 365 includes Skype for Business HD video conferencing, with real-time document co-authoring and digital whiteboarding just a click away. Whether you’re presenting to a client or brainstorming new product ideas, everyone can contribute.
  2. Synchronise: To collaborate effectively, you need one version of the truth. With so many devices and applications in the workplace today, keeping everyone on the same page can be challenging. Emailing documents back and forth isn’t the most efficient or effective way to stay in sync. With OneDrive for Business, files stay synchronised across devices so the latest version is always available to everyone on your team.
  3. Socialise: You might not want your employees spending their days on Facebook, but what if your company had its own private, secure social network? It could mean a competitive advantage: global consulting firm McKinsey estimates that social technology can increase productivity 20% to 25%. Office 365 offers Yammer, a business social networking platform. Yammer makes it simple to bring people together around projects, common interests and business needs. You can even include partners and customers in the mix – while still maintaining control and security.

Your people are your greatest asset – and they’re even greater when they can work as a team anywhere, at any time. With Office 365, collaboration tools are part of the productivity software people use every day – meaning that they actually get used.

Leanne Miller

Created by Leanne Miller, 3 years ago

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