Digital technology to run your business during COVID-19

Globally there are new policies being put in place for business to continue operating and to keep employees safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Now is the time for business to embrace digital technology, and we’ve summed up how you can use it to make sure your business runs as smoothly as ever.

Conversations and collaboration

Conversations are integral to a business running smoothly and successfully. Conversations lead to ideas, coordination and effective team spirit. Email is not the place to try to facilitate this. Some ideas you could implement include:

  • Using apps that people already have like WhatsApp. By setting up a group, employees can share ideas, insights, ask questions and have quick face-to-face video calls
  • Using collaboration tools like Slack or Trello to communicate, coordinate and collaborate on projects
  • Using video conferencing to facilitate training and events. Many companies, such as Google and Microsoft, are making advanced features available to businesses for free as part of their wider response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Measures and controls

A major issue that business leaders encounter with home working is the loss of visibility and control. Seeing that people are sat at their desks provides some form of comfort. If you make better use of existing ERP or CRM software, it can help to provide better visibility of what’s happening across your business.

If you’re concerned about these unprecedented times around the COVID-19 pandemic, and what support is available for businesses, then check out our toolkit here.