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Northern Film + Media has joined forces with The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund to launch a Going Places Fund financed by CTBF, held and distributed by NFM, and jointly administered between the two organisations.

The Going Places Fund has been designed to help level the playing field for experienced film and television industry professionals based in the North East of England whose welfare and professional security is being put at risk by having to absorb extra travel and subsistence costs stemming from the increasingly London and Manchester-centred nature of the media industry.

Open to applicants with at least two years of professional experience in any behind-the-camera role right through the film and television value chain, the Going Places Fund will offer quick turnaround awards of £150 to £1,500. Individuals may apply on a one-off or repeated basis, with an annual ceiling of £1,500 per person (per Financial Year). Going Places Fund awards will help meet the additional costs of travel, accommodation and other out-of-pocket expenses incurred by North East media professionals who have to travel out of the region within the UK to build their client base, meet with commissioners and purchasers, or to access training and professional networks to help develop their careers. (Please note that attendance at international festivals is covered separately by NFM’s Market Access Fund). No match funding is required. 

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