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North East Investment Fund

Delivered by North East Ambition

Do you need to build new premises or improve existing facilities to grow your business? The North East Investment Fund exists to support projects that help maintain or improve an asset, often called infrastructure. A project could be a new construction, expansion, renovation, or replacement for an existing facility or facilities.

The projects – known as capital projects - must prove how the investment provides an improvement, new feature or benefit, for example: expanding capacity, reducing costs or producing new components.

The North East Investment Fund is a loan fund supporting capital projects that encourage local economic growth and create jobs in our area.

Since 2012, £58 million has been secured by organisations with projects that will have a positive impact on the North East regional economy.

As an evergreen fund, repayments and interest from all loans is put back into the fund and re-allocated to support new projects.

The North East Investment Fund is managed by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership and financed by £25m of Growing Places Fund and £30m of Regional Growth Fund.