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Social Enterprise Investment Fund II LP

Delivered by Big Issue Invest

The Big Issue Invest Social Enterprise Investment Fund II LP (SEIF II) is the successor to SEIF I, our first social impact investment fund launched in 2010, and now fully committed having invested over £8 million into 21 social enterprises.

With £22.4 million in investor commitments so far, SEIF II has in the 18 months since it was launched, committed nearly £6.3 million of capital and disbursed £5.8 million to seven different social enterprises operating in impact areas such as social care, early years education, financial inclusion, mental health and employment. SEIF II is continuing to fundraise with the aim of closing off the fund at £30m by the second half of 2017.

SEIF II supports ambitious social enterprises and charities with sustainable business models looking to grow and extend their social impact.  The Fund offers repayable finance of between £250,000 and £3 million for growth, working capital and capital expenditure purposes.

SEIF II provides a range of loans and investments, including secured and unsecured loans, equity, and loans with performance-related repayment terms. You can apply for investment from SEIF II if:

  • You are a high growth social enterprise or charity;
  • You have a proven business model and can demonstrate an ability to repay investment from trading activities;
  • You have a strong track record of generating positive social impact;
  • You are a well-managed organisation with good governance;
  • You are based in the United Kingdom.

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