Trading with the EU: Helping Exporters Find Solutions

Free one-hour consultations with EU trade experts: 29th March – 30th July 2021

Trading with the EU can be highly profitable, rewarding, exciting and at times challenging.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) North East provide extensive advice and information, but we appreciate that at times you may need more in-depth expertise from an international trade expert.

To further assist you in your efforts to develop and grow your trade with your EU clients, they are offering an unique opportunity to discuss your particular challenge or opportunity.

In this first series of consultations, the following expertise will be available:

  • Rules of Origin
  • VAT
  • Customs Procedures
  • Movement of Goods
  • GB/NI Trade

Details about the one-to-one meetings:

  • How long are the consultations? One-hour, either online or a telephone call with the trade expert.
  • How many consultations can I book? You can book one consultation per trade expert.
  • When will these take place? Consultations can take place between 29th March to 30th July 2021

To register, you must comply with the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be a SME (Definition: less than 250 employees; turnover less than €50 million & business ownership by another entity, being less than 25%)
  • Your business must be located in either North East LEP or Tees Valley LEP regions