Property Owners Post-COVID – Rural Land Owners

This webinar is designed to help property owners know the opportunities arising and how to overcome challenges.

Each session will run as a panel discussion, where questions from the audience are welcomed. They will be joined at these webinars by various industry professionals to provide insight from different perspectives.

Rural Land Owners

COVID has changed many people’s perceptions and thoughts on how to utilise land. The panel, Rosanne Tweddle and Kate Ashworth of Womble Bond DickinsonJohnny Dudgeon of Savills UKAidan Faik of Weatherbys Bank, and Nick Holmes of Chavereys will share their experience of the changes to land, the strategic planning and partnerships which have grown over the past year.

From this webinar you will have gain a better understanding of how you can adapt and better use your land, and the risks to consider in future planning.