Future Landscapes – Rural Innovation

Discover how you can adapt your rural business to take advantage of sustainable ecology and farming funding.

The future of Land use, Farming and Ecology

Part of Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival 2021

What is the sprint about?

Climate change and the future of food production are big drivers of change in the rural landscape. Rural businesses and communities will have to adapt to the new reality of more sustainable food production, ecological land management and farming innovation. All this will take place in the context of the biggest change in farming subsidies in over two generations. The Rural Design Centre team and invited speakers will map out this near-future reality and invite you to work together to understand, share information and create fresh ideas and opportunities for the future.

Who is it for?

This event is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) who want to understand what these changes mean for their business, what future opportunities might exist and how they could capitalise on them. Organisations involved in environment, land management, forestry, ecology, utilities and contractors will benefit from understanding this situation and develop an understanding of what it means for their area of expertise.

Why should I attend?

This event is a unique opportunity to hear from experts, share information and work collaboratively with a diverse set of professionals to develop these ideas. It is imperative for forward-thinking organisations to act now to respond to these challenges, so that they can be prepared for this change and capitalise on the opportunities open to them.

What format will the event take?

The event will take place virtually over four days during the Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival. Each day will follow a programme within the festival. The event will be led and facilitated by a team from the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise (NICRE) and the Rural Design Centre Innovation Project (RDCIP) team and Northumbrian Water Group, along with invited speakers and other participants.