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Supply South Tyneside

Provided by South Tyneside Council

Supply South Tyneside is an initiative to support local businesses and help them to identify, bid for, and win public sector contracts.

South Tyneside Council has a target to increase the amount of money it spends with local businesses to 50% by 2016/17.

Our rules and procedures

To help us achieve our target, we have made changes to our procurement rules.

The revised rules now show the minimum number of local businesses we will contact for a quote when specific opportunities arise:

For supplies and services - anything under £75,000 we will contact at least 2 local suppliers and 2 non local suppliers and invite them to tender

For works/construction - anything under £150,000 we will contact at least 3 local companies and invite them to tender

Note: This policy does not guarantee that local businesses will secure council contracts. All businesses will have to demonstrate that they are competitive on both cost and quality.

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