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Business Forum - North Tyneside

Delivered by North Tyneside Council

Connecting and Supporting Businesses

North Tyneside Business Forum is here to create a supportive network for businesses in North Tyneside and ensure local business is well connected. It is our aim to be the lead support organisation for the business community in North Tyneside; encouraging economic growth, employment, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

The benefits of becoming a member are:

  • Free attendance at business forum events
  • Opportunities for networking
  • Listing as member on our Membership Directory
  • Access to Business Forum Facebook group to connect with other members
  • Consultation on local issues
  • Dedicated communication to members
  • Access to North Tyneside Council departments and other statutory organisations
  • Business support in a range of areas, including up to date information on the Covid-19 pandemic and government measures
  • Personal introductions to other members

The Business Forum can put members straight to the heart of local business by accessing the most relevant support organisations, providing dedicated communications and hosting events on what businesses in the borough want to be at. So whether you’re looking for advice, new premises, funding info, or just a chat with a like-minded colleague from the local business community, the North Tyneside Business Forum can make the link and get you the support you need.

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