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Strategic Business Projects

Delivered by Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Durham University Business School postgraduate students have the opportunity to work with an organisation on a research project that will examine a strategic business issue. By participating you will receive consultancy support and strategic recommendations from either an MBA or a Masters student.

These ten-week projects can take place from June to September and enable you to explore key business issues at no cost. You’ll benefit from a full written report and analysis informed by the very latest business thinking.

Projects tackle important issues or areas for strategic development and can be internally facing (e.g. hiring strategy, corporate culture, corporate social responsibility) or externally facing (for e.g. marketing strategies, new market entry strategy, or competitor analysis). Projects may cross departmental boundaries in order to tackle wider issues such as HR or finance issues. Our students apply their academic teaching to practical real-life examples, culminating in a final management report with recommendations for your business. 

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