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Institute for Apprenticeships


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Institute for Apprenticeships

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Apprenticeships are playing an increasingly important role in British industry, and it is important that the right structures are in place to ensure they equip people with the right skills.  

Our remit is to ensure the development of high-quality apprenticeships so they are viewed and respected as highly as other education routes.

The Institute also covers a series of supportive and advisory functions, all with a focus on ensuring that apprentices have the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to make a significant contribution to their job role, sector and employer.

Our main functions are:

  • Developing and maintaining quality criteria for the approval of apprenticeship standards and assessment plans
  • Supporting the development of standards and assessment plans by employer groups
  • Publishing approved standards and assessment plans
  • Advising on the maximum amount of government funding that can be drawn down by employers for individual apprenticeship standards
  • Quality assuring the delivery of apprenticeship end-point assessments
  • Ensuring that all end-point assessments are quality assured

We are a crown, non-departmental public body of approximately 80 staff based in London and Coventry, sponsored by the Department for Education.

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