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First for Pharma

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First for Pharma was created to promote the worldclass services of the pharmaceutical companies based in the North East of England, as well as to build and grow the networks between these companies.

Building a Community

The area is widely recognised for its established and dynamic pharmaceutical industry, and many of the companies situated here are amongst the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biologics manufacturing names.

These industry leaders are joined by smaller organisations in the fields of manufacturing, medical devices, assistive technology and health informatics that inject energy and creativity into the sector, providing an exciting global representation of the industry within 5,338 square miles.

Industry Knowledge

All in all, the North East boasts a wide knowledge base in Oncology, Ageing & Health, Genetics, Plant Biotechnology, Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Biologics, Systems & Cell Biology, and Medical Devices.

Members of this site can make use of its community networking, including inter-company interaction, discussion forums and blogs; while visitors and members alike will benefit from the organisational database, industry overviews, people profiles, job vacancies, calendar of events and links to services offered by companies, large and small, in the North East area.

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