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Process Modelling and Simulation

Delivered by Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)

Quantitative estimates of your product or process costs

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) helps its clients develop products and prove processes with minimal risk. Using state of the art tools and techniques, CPI's experienced engineers will provide quantitative estimates of product or process costs. 

They can identify scale-up issues very early in the process by using experimental data, and can suggest alternatives that may change the direction of research programmes. CPI can estimate economic viability and calculate whether yield improvements from process improvements and optimisation are likely. This makes R&D investments work harder, helps commercialise processes and helps clients and their investors realise returns faster.

CPI has extensive knowledge and experience in strategic assessment and vision of future product and process technologies. We can help to guide your development programmes into a long term strategic direction keeping you ahead of the competition and secure strong IP positions.

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