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Information for businesses with established supply chains on producing PPE

Delivered by Academic Health Science Network - NENC

If you are a business with an established supply chain that can produce PPE now, please complete this form.

You will need the following information to register your interest:

  • Contact details
  • Your product name/type (e.g. diagnostics, infection control etc.)
  • If the product is ready for deployment
  • Does the product have a CE mark?
  • Current stock figures and if manufacture at scale is possible
  • The price-per-unit
  • Details of supply chain availability
  • Supporting information

The AHSN NENC has been asked to support the regional NHS North East & Yorkshire Integrated Coordination Centre, which feeds into the NHS National COVID-19 Incident Coordination Centre who are leading the emergency response to the outbreak of COVID-19. 

Where supplies can’t be found from the traditional supply chain, the AHSN NENC are looking to identify alternative regional suppliers. They would love to hear from North East businesses that can help with the demand.